because I have so much for which to be grateful

I am grateful to YOU for looking at my gratitude blog :)

Thank You!


Clean Eating Magazine Subscription


Woohoo! I got the first issue of my Clean Eating Magazine subscription today. The other two pictured above were purchased at the newstand. I have made about half a dozen recipes out of these magazines already and loved every one. Awesome. I am grateful for my Clean Eating Magazine subscription.

Big Pink Roses

It’s December, and I’m thankful again! They have the best roses at Fresh Market and they are not very expensive. Remember these? Chad brought me these pink ones last weekend. The color is amazing. And they all opened (just like the orange ones), which is never the case with other grocery store roses. And they seem to last a really long time. I adore having fresh flowers in my kitchen pretty much all of the time. My house is not fancy, and is often a total wreck, but having beautiful flowers makes me feel like it’s special. I am grateful for big pink roses.

Low-brow Humor

Um, yeah. We got our CSA veggies today. Including an, um, interesting eggplant. Cal says it looks like a cartoon character named “Dilbert”. He says anybody with a nose like that should be named “Dilbert”. I kind of think it looks like something else. What do you think? I am grateful for low-brow humor.

New Haircuts

We are having family portraits taken tomorrow, so both of the boys got haircuts today. They both have decided they want to let their hair grow long (again) so it was just a trim to even things up. Marlene at The Uppercut is the only person who has ever cut Mack’s hair, and she has cut Cal’s hair since he was like two. She also cuts Chad’s hair. We are quite attached to her 🙂 Of course, no haircut is complete until a lollipop appears. I am grateful for new haircuts.

Tour De Pizza

I’ve paid homage on this blog to pizza night before. But I think about it every Thursday. This is our local pizza joint. I have mentioned it before on my main blog. We have been customers since the day they opened. I am friends with Matt, the owner. He is so friendly, always asking about the boys if they are not with me. If you are local, and you tell them you read my blog (at least if Matt is there), he’ll give you a 20% discount on your first order. My favorite thing about Tour De Pizza is that I can get a take-and-bake pizza. I love that I can go by there whenever it is convenient for me during the day, take the pizza home and stick it in the fridge, and bake it at dinner time, yummy and fresh out of my oven. I am grateful for Tour De Pizza.

Laughing Cow Lite Blue Cheese

Yum. That is all. Yum. I am grateful for Laughing Cow Light Blue Cheese.

Goofy Reflective Vest

I have been on the hunt for an LED light on a headband for running at night. I saw one on somebody’s gratitude blog…why don’t I ever remember where I see these things? If it was you, please tell me in the comments 🙂 The running shop near my house is out of them. So I looked at Target and they didn’t have them. But they did have this. A really cool reflective running/walking/biking vest. Obviously I have no pride, so I am thrilled to have this to wear when I run at night and when we go for our family walks after dinner now that the time has changed and it gets dark so early. I felt very safe on our walk tonight. I am grateful for my goofy reflective vest.

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