because I have so much for which to be grateful

Clean Eating Magazine

Maybe this will just become a food blog, since I’ve been posting so many dinners lately. But I have been wanting to start cooking again for a while and I’m having so much fun doing it. Especially trying new things with our CSA veggies. The only thing we have left is the cucumbers (because I already had a couple of cukes when we got our farm share) and the turnip greens. Using three bunches of greens in one week is just not possible. Luckily we are only getting a share every other week so I can use them this week. Tonight I made a recipe out of Clean Eating Magazine, which I only recently discovered. Love this magazine! I made sloppy joe’s with ground turkey (instead of the bison 😯 that the recipe called for), eggplant, yellow squash (instead of zucchini) and other veggies and spices. The boys LOVED them. I also made fries out of delicata squash ala Roni Noone (Greenlitebites), which Mack loved and Cal tolerated. He said they reminded him of my sweet potato fries which he also didn’t love. I’m pretty sure I’m going to subscribe to this magazine. So many good ideas in there. I am grateful for Clean Eating magazine.


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  1. I *love* this magazine. Every issue is great, I’ve never been disappointed. I know you’ll love it.

    November 15, 2010 at 6:38 pm

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