because I have so much for which to be grateful

No TV Week

The boys’ school is having this thing this week where the kids commit to not watching television from Monday to Friday. If enough kids keep their commitment the principal is going to do something whacky next week. I don’t think our kids watch too much TV (20 hours a week is not too much is it?), but both boys wanted to do the commitment so I agreed. It’s been kind of rough. More interaction between the boys means more arguing. Mostly about who gets to use the computer, since they have basically just substituted computer games for television. But they have also played some games together, and I instituted the master plan…use TV watching time to clean up the hovel! It was totally out of hand. This may not look like the neatest, cleanest room to you, but imagine it with every horizontal surface (including the floor) completely covered with toys. That’s what it looked like at the beginning of the week. The boys really pitched in and we picked up all the toys from the great room and cleaned up their room. It is soooo much better. Now maybe I can begin to think about the holidays. I am grateful for No TV Week.


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