because I have so much for which to be grateful

Egret on Streetlight

subtitle: Stuff I See while Walking in My Neighborhood, Part 2.

I saw this guy on the way home from walking the boys to school this morning. For some reason it’s just funny to see cranes on top of streetlights. Really, all the tropical birds are just funny in general. The flocks of ibis, which we call bug-suckers because of their long, curved beaks, are so really amusing. They have little fear and will just sort of flock away from you. It’s fun to charge at them and see them scurry away. Have to get a photo of those guys. We often see big ospreys on top of streetlights too. Anyway, today I am grateful for this egret on a streetlight. He made me smile.


One response

  1. That is so funny! I’ve never seen an egret on top of a street light before. I don’t think he’s gonna catch much fish from up there.

    November 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm

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