because I have so much for which to be grateful


Subtitle: Stuff I See while Walking in my Neighborhood, Part 1

We saw this gorgeous creature on our walk to school this morning. We tried to put him in a kleenex box so the kids could take him in to show off (he apparently couldn’t fly), but that made him flop around, at risk of ruining himself, so we just left him in the grass after thoroughly admiring him. He (do moths have gender? he’s so gorgeous, if he were a bird he would be a “he”, so I think he’s a “he”) was HUGE. Like a six inch wingspan. Amazing. I am grateful for stuff I see while walking in my neighborhood, and today for this moth.


One response

  1. Maybe you were not able to capture ‘him’ with a Kleenex box, but you did capture him on film and that better than anything else. Kudos

    October 27, 2010 at 4:00 pm

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