because I have so much for which to be grateful

My Gym

This is my gym, a Lifestyles Family Fitness franchise. I love it. I used to work out at a Gold’s Gym, years ago. When I decided to dive back into the gym scene 2 1/2 years ago, I toured this Lifestyles, which was fairly new and compared it to Gold’s. The facilities were much better. The cost was comparable. I decided to go with the shiny new, and much larger, Lifestyles. I have been so happy here. They have a great childcare room and every amenity (well, I do wish they would get wi-fi, and have suggested it several times). For over a year I did free-weights, machines and mostly elliptical here. Then a trainer suggested I try Bodypump, which I did and totally loved. So I have replaced other resistance training with Bodypump. I want to try some other group fitness now. Get back into Yoga. Step out of my comfort zone and try Zumba. Face a real fear and try spinning.  Luckily, they have it all. I am grateful for my gym.


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