because I have so much for which to be grateful


My boys have been doing karate since the oldest was 3 and the youngest was 4 (oldest is 9, so that’s 6 years for him and 3 years for the 6 year old). I complain often (especially on twitter) about how boring it is sitting through an hour and a half of two back to back 45 minute classes…twice a week! Especially after having sat through these classes for 6 years. But they have gotten so much out of it. The instructors really stress respect and discipline. The boys get in trouble if the instructors see me carrying their huge gear bags. They must have good reports both from parents and teachers before they can progress to the next belt. They have learned commitment and how not to cry when you are punched in the face. And it’s such great exercise! Oh, and they have wifi there, so I have been known to write blog posts from karate. I am grateful for karate.


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