because I have so much for which to be grateful

Laundry Closet

I have complained about laundry many, many times on my main blog. I have devoted entire posts to it. I hate laundry! However, one of the girls on my gratitude blogroll over there (sorry, I can’t remember now who it was…why don’t I take notes?) posted her washer/dryer on her gratitude blog a few days ago and it really made me think. The whole purpose of this blog was to be mindful of and thankful for things I take for granted. To look at things in a new way. And the truth is that I am very lucky to have this laundry closet. It’s very centrally located in my house…right in my kitchen. Both machines are fairly new and work well. I do laundry daily. I did three loads today! I remember vividly the pain of having to take laundry to a laundromat. I am grateful for this laundry closet.


One response

  1. Jeannie

    Can i just tell you how much I love your gratitude blog? That be my next venture – if you don’t mind me copying you yet again. I almost got teary on the UNO one – so true!

    October 13, 2010 at 12:17 pm

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